Broadcast Television

I have been working in television since 1999, gaining my first director credit in 2003, as a self-shooting director on BBC1’s Rail Cops. Over the years, I have had the privilege to make TV shows about all manner of fascinating people, all of whom have led me to a greater understanding of certain behaviours or industries or cultures.

Most of my work has been factual, with the occasional reconstructed drama along the way. I have worked with paparazzi and politicians, architects and arsonists, football managers and football fans. Whatever the subject, I love to spend a lot of time with the protagonists, building a rapport and trust that allows them to tell their own story with a sense of honesty that is transmitted to the viewer and makes a more compelling film.

For a complete list of my broadcast credits, please contact me.

  • The BriefsA gritty two-part ITV doc showing the inside life of a law firm to reveal how justice really works.
  • PaparazziLegendary series where I chased 'paps' chasing celebs!
  • ShipwreckedBeautiful people in exotic locations, what more do you need for Sunday morning viewing?
  • MacIntyre's Toughest TownsDonal MacIntyre investigates the crime hotspots of the UK in an attempt to discover the underlying causes.
  • Show PoniesSKY One documentary exploring the competitive relationships within exclusive equestrian circles.
  • Rail CopsBBC TV series following the British Transport Police as they deal with fare dodgers, violent passengers and suicides
  • Seven-Year-MakeoverThe Harris family see their Victorian water tower get turned into a dream home, in only 7 years!
  • Martin Shaw - The AviatorActor Martin Shaw presnts a series about the wonders of all things aviation.
  • Drunk and DangerousThe perils of binge drinking, seen through the eyes of police, licensees and victims of violence.
  • Skint6 million people across the UK live without bank accounts. This series follows those living in a purely cash society.
  • Girl CopsObservational documentary series following women in the frontline of the fight against crime in Manchester.
  • Cruise with SteliosThe 'Easy Entrepreneur' takes to the seas in search of new customers and bigger profits.
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