Imagine Waking Tomorrow

Imagine Waking Tomorrow

Imagine Waking Tomorrow is an observational film that follows the artist, musician and author Bill Drummond through his work at Sensoria Festival, Sheffield in 2011.

Bill was asked to be the ‘Composer in Residence’ at the week-long festival and I spent much of the week with Bill, filming his exploration of the soundscapes of the city – in streets, cafés, pubs and huge steel forges. During the week, Bill composed 7 scores that encourage people to listen to the sounds around them, and sometimes to create their own sounds, thus becoming a lifelong member of The17 – a choir that Bill formed in an attempt to voice the sounds in his head.

Filming continued into early 2012 when Bill returned to the city to position posters of the scores around the city. ‘Imagine Waking Tomorrow’ was commissioned by Sensoria Festival 2012 where it was shown as part of Bill’s ‘Ragworts’ exhibition in the city. The full film is unlikely to be posted online, but is available for viewing across the country. Please contact me if you are interested.

Below is a 5-minute trailer that gives you an idea of what the full film is about. To find out more about Bill’s work and that of The17, please visit The17 and Penkiln Burn You can see the full set of The Sheffield Scores on The17 website here.